Introducing the Carbon Franc


Let’s talk about the #carbonfranc currency of the future… 
At the #WSF2023 we had the pleasure of presenting the launch of Vlinder’s #CarbonFranc during the “Mind&Society” Experience.

“No Collaboration Without Communication” our value baseline for #SystemChange in 2023 focuses on the responsibility we as innovators and changemakers have to…
1.Co-create in imagining ‘intangible’ new realities for building a sustainable future. If we look to only improve faulty systems. They are still wrong.
2.To educate and empower humans to trust in and move towards interacting with these intangible ideas, in their everyday lives. Through trust, we can make them a reality.
“In order to change, first a change of mindset is required. We need to unlearn what we have learned; and we need to establish different neuronal connections and then practice them. Things only become things as we make use of them, as we give them sense. This is how we create paradigm shifts.”
Together Kai Lüssem and Alexander Spuller used the example of Vlinder‘s #CarbonFranc to focus on the need for societal mindset shift and how we can take responsibility in aligning our sustainability values with our way of life.
“Do you consider gold to be an (appreciating) asset? Could you imagine carbon to be an appreciating asset? Well, we believe it is…Carbon, unlike other assets, is a growing asset. Therefore, we created the Carbon Franc. The Carbon Franc is probably the first possibility for individuals to invest in carbon removal projects. Each Carbon Franc represents at least 1t of CO2 that will be stored in the biomass of the Carbon Francs projects. Each Carbon Franc directly helps forest restoration projects and is positioned to accelerate additional funding for more. By investing in Carbon Franc, you reap your carbon credits every year. Its price is constantly going up as more carbon removals are needed to meet global climate goals. Carbon is the new gold…”
We are proud to be supporters of this project. To direct questions, please reach out to the team through the link below.
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