‘We Don’t Have Time’ WSF 2023 Broadcast


“No Collaboration, Without Communication”
A short 2 weeks ago, our forum ignited a spirit for collaboration, communication and boundary-breaking ideas. We are excited to share the official broadcast and recap with you all.


Created by We Don’t Have Time, we have collaborated on giving a platform to the voices changing systems, and not just looking to improve them.


Led in conversation by Nicholas Nuttall (We Don’t Have Time) featuring attendees and collaborators:
Frank-Jürgen Richter
Wolfgang Fengler
Seán Boyle
Marjan Blumberg and Frankie the UNDP Dino
Risto Väyrynen
Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, Dr., LL.M.
Kai Lüssem
Lars Hesselgren
Rudolf Hilti
Marc Buckley 🌍
Dr. Daniel Risch
Thomas Michael Koller
Sweta Chakraborty, PhD
Dr. Martin Dürr
Anke Weidenkaff
Philipp Willigmann


👉Our Program leads and collaborators for the#WSF2023:


Education roundtables: Led by Jost Hamschmidt, Johannes Tschidererfrom University of St.Gallen


Storage & Energy roundtable: In collaboration with VDE Renewables GmbH led by #BurkhardHolder, Thomas Michael Koller


Arts & Music experience: In collaboration with Anja Gossens, Rene S. Spiegelberger


Sports experience: Led by Martin Kaswurm in conversation with Kirsty Charlotte Burrows, Nasser A. Al-Khori


Space Exploration experience: Led by Antonia Cornaro, Veronika Petschen, Han Admiraal in collaboration with Mission Earth First, featuring the Mars Hotel from Meng Li and Ralph Horat


Mind & Society experience: Led by Kai Lüssem, Alexander Spuller in collaboration with Vlinder


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