The Collaboration Conversation at WEF 2023


“What is the power of communication in changing the World, and how can we use communication to collaborate on inspiring thought and action towards new future realities and system change?” ūüöÄ

Once again, we had the honour of collaborating with the team from InTent for Change in co-hosting a discussion between Rudolf Hilti and Frederic Hoffmann within the SDG Tent at the #wef2023

With our 2023 theme of “No Collaboration, Without Communication” we brought experts in to share their experiences and talk about the responsibility we have to use our networks, platforms and voices.

Joined by¬†Se√°n Boyle, former head of Sustainability at Twitter,¬†Bela Padilla, actress and director with an audience of over 17 million and¬†UNDP‘s Frankie the Dino, who is globally sharing the message of¬†#dontchooseextinction, we are collectively looking to encourage and inspire collaboration, partnerships and action through communication, our networks and openness for change.


View all images from the event here.


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