The World Systemic Forum as we know, covered topics across a wide spectrum of mediums. Our space exploration partners, Mission Earth First, created dialogue about what kind of system changes are needed if we are to develop towards self-sustaining communities on earth, through exploring preparation and developments for future communities on the Moon or Mars. They dived into how education can contribute to these changes and what is needed to achieve this.


As an extension of the Space exploration experience, Meng Li and Ralph Horat presented the Mars Hotel, a Future Living Lab / The Subterranean Retreat and pilot project between THE, The Next Generation Village, Mission Earth First and design studio, Pararaum. 



With A Guest Experience From The UNDP’s Frankie The Dino, we play on the symbolism of Returning Back To one’s ‘Cave Roots’.  As Frankie the Dino shares, #dontChooseExtinction.

Ideas and hopes for the Future from the Space Experience Leaders:

Ralph Horat

“I was highly inspired by the deep & insightful conversations in a magical underground cave environment. I hope to see a transition in our society from linear problem – solution thinking to system thinking. Switzerland as a highly risk-averse country needs living labs & special innovation zones, where we can prototype groundbreaking infrastructural, technological & socio-economic innovations on a systemic level.”

Meng Li

“Everything, everywhere, all connected. By creatively bridging conversations across disciplines, the WSF has created such an intense and immersive experience of how the future world could be in a day! This intensity has generated a great momentum and I am optimistic that the systemic thinking will transfer to systemic actions – I hope to see our innovative ideas being realised, creating impacts that can be felt. “

Antonia Cornaro
Expert & lecturer ETHZ / business development
Co-chair ITA Committee of Underground Space ITACUS

“I feel we had a really good format with the Mars hotel as a sort of combined experience package… and we also got people to ask questions which we are currently transcribing to further develop our program. We will do some mind boggling R&D in the urban living lab and on future habitats during the course of the next year, which we will happily share as an out of this world experience at the next forum! “

Veronika Petschen
Product Manager Tunnel Digitalization Center / Project Manager AMBERG Engineering

“The WSF was an extraordinary experience for me, because I found it very inspiring to hear how very different experts work and try to make a positive impact on the same problems such as sustainability and social development. This occasion also enabled us to share some of our ideas for these aims and having fruitful conversations about them from various point of views.  It’s exactly the communication among diversified people – that the World Systemic Forum brought together – that has a great potential to make a cross-industry and cross-disciplinary change toward a sustainable world. Thank you very much!

During the next year we are going to concentrate ourselves on green energy and circular solutions for the use of underground space. I’m really looking forward to it!”


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