WSF 2024: Event report


Expanding Artificial intelligence, Carbon as An Asset, Scaling Blended Finance, Creativity as a source of social change, and the first official launch of the first “Earth-Backup” on Earth, the World Systemic Forum set a tone for a new year of System Change to follow with an audience of global changemakers and the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, Dr. Daniel Risch.
Dr. Daniel Risch, Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

January 12 & 13th 2024: Headlining the “Every Change is a Challenge” themed forum 22 Topic Experts joined forces to host and discuss future-focused industry transformations, potential projects, and new philosophical perspectives with 200 changemakers from around the World.

What makes the World Systemic Forum different from other forums, is the intention to ignite and collaboratively expand on particular topics in a space that celebrates holistic and imaginative thinking. 

2024’s event series, and 4th annual event of The System Change Foundation, took place over a 2-day agenda. Day 1 invited 80 Topic Leaders to deliberate and discuss 8 set topics over 2 working sessions throughout the day. The System Change Assembly – focused on how we as changemakers and topic experts can support and hold each other and ourselves accountable to creating a future-focused impact, focusing on the why and the how. 

The System Change Foundation Team, Anke Lüssem and Rudi Hilti

On Day 2, the World Systemic Forum extended the invitation to a total of 200 changemakers to present and give insight into these Key Topics, with the special global launch of the “Earth Back-Up” by serial entrepreneur and space front-runner, Nova Spivack from the Arch Mission Foundation.

In Q1 of 2024, The Arch Mission Foundation will land two archives on the Moon alongside the Swiss installation. The Hagerbach archive is now in place as a root backup location for the entire European continent after a collaborative launch within the forum venue on Saturday. 

Nova Spivack with the Earth Back Up

What makes change real? Topics put into context by two universal scholars and highly accredited thinkers, Tobias Rees, founder of, Senior AI 2050 Fellow of Schmidt Futures; a Senior Fellow at CIFAR; and an advisor to Google, spoke about the importance of philosophical thinking in engaging with and analysing the current state of the World. Her Holiness, H.H. Bhavana Shinde, spoke of the importance of knowing yourself to be able to effectively lead others, and why in order to be a changemaker, change needs to begin at home.

The topics of Education concluded similar principles to the New Culture Contexts Topic on creative thinking and Blended Finance adopted the same openness as Nature Capital – How can our Economic systems become more circular in foundation and functionality? 

Tobias Rees
New Culture Contexts Group with Lwando Xaso presenting.

The new alliance between the System Change Foundation, We Share Forward, and JA Europe was officially announced on January 13th. Salvatore Nigro, Edward De Jager, and expressed the need for adults to equip children to become independent thinkers in a world that is digitally transforming faster than we know. 

January 12th: Inspired Learning Working Group

Route 17’s Harald Walkate and Robert W. Van Zwieten divulged into the circular opportunity and impact of Blended Finance that connects Catalytic Capital to Investable projects. Entering into partnership with Higher Education establishments for the normalisation of Blended Finance “Labs” and Education that can and will connect capital to cause while making it attractive to investors. 

Robert W. Van Zwieten from Route17

“In the future Financial Reports will tell us what we’ve done in arrears and Carbon Reports will help us strategically plan the future” Coenraad Vrolijk reports on the impending need and imminent reality of Carbon playing a part in global decision-making, both personal and business related.

 Moleskine Foundation gathered 4 changemakers from Ukraine, South Africa, and Jordan, all representatives of the social Projects that their foundation champions. Fostering Creativity is a key skill for the future. Together they conveyed how change needs to happen from the top down and the bottom up, expressing the need and impact of capital supporting community projects. 

"Nature Capital"

“Every Change is a Challenge” was curated to highlight the struggle in creating global systemic changes. An overriding consensus across the 2-day event was the need for comradeship and community when it comes to being a part of a group who are the first to take future-focused and impact-focused steps. 

“Female Wealth Owners”, “The Value of Food” and “Exponential Intelligence” were all groups that focused on fostering honesty and vulnerability before moving forward into unexplored territory. Someone needs to be the first to create change, and the World Systemic Forum supports the people and the movements that promise to do just that. 

"The Value of Food"
"Women Wealth Owners" Led by ASSARÉE

Thank you to Chaka2, Hilcona, Monica Barroso, Jost Hamschmidt and the Liechtenstein Artmuseum for their support during the event. Lastly to the students from University of St. Gallen, Start Vaduz, Liechtenstein European Forum Alpbach.


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