We tell stories for systemic change by maintaining a creative balance between aspiration and realism. By changing narratives, we are changing systems, because the power of imagination is the fundamental aspect of transformation thus, we contribute to lasting systemic change starting in a country no bigger in size than a village and consequently with insignificant higher national interests. The System Change Foundation promotes a sustainable development between environment, economy and society and sees itself as a value-based enabler to rethink systems and global challenges holistically and free from higher national interests. For that, we think outside without the box, because The Climate and The Digital Modern Era don't know any boxes. We differentiate between technology, policy and mindset change. We do this with a strong and trustful network all over the globe by expanding the current imagination towards digital humanism and sustainable ecosystems. We believe that human interactions can lead to positive changes, we just have to be able to imagine a better future. We help people and institutions on their way to the necessary shift in perspectives. Systemic change starts with changing perspectives.

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