Summary: World Systemic Forum 2023


“No collaboration without communication” World Systemic Forum 2023

The World Systemic Forum 2023 gathered over 200 influential minds for a program to fully inspire collaboration and communication towards achieving system change. Through a spectrum of discussions, experiences and topics, The System Change Foundation and THE, its exploratory institute of prolific “Transformers”, hosted its annual event with the aim to once again, inspire its network to explore future-realities within the year of System Change to follow.


The topics of Mobility, Education & Communication, Energy & Storage, Arts & Music, Sports & Entertainment, Mind & Society and Space Exploration were explored in a multi-cultural program and interactive program.


January 13th marked the start of this year’s program with a pre-forum private dinner for the collaborative partners of 2023’s agenda, with the roundtable discussion “Mobility without us”. Led by Dromos, a dialogue around how Mobility needs to shift environmentally and socially to overcome current global imbalances was held.


“To levitate mobility to a new, future-oriented level, humanity needs a comprehensive change that does not only tackle propulsion (i.e., going electric). It also needs to address multi-modality, capacity requirements, seamless transition from living/housing to mobility, and, far and foremost, be customer centric (e.g., using digital technology throughout the whole customer journey). Such a comprehensive chance requires a coordinated effort from all areas of society and will be hard to achieve. It is key to get system change champions to ignite this change – however crazy these people appear to us in the first place.”


January 14th, the World Systemic Forum 2023 was hosted within Hagerbach in Flums, Switzerland. The day was opened by The System Change Foundation’s founder and non-traditional entrepreneur and visionary, Rudolf Hilti, alongside Twitter’s Head of Sustainability, Seán Boyle. Rudi champions the belief that the answers to creating truly sustainable systems, lies in the ability to use imagination. Through imagining new global systems and ways of being, we create a common narrative that inspires action towards creating new global systems for a possible tomorrow. With a value of “no questions going unasked” bravery and imagination are two emotive actions that are necessary to create the paradigm shifts that amount to system change.


Roundtable(s) 1, focused on Education, led by minds at HSG, discussed the role of education in global development. With practice and belief in nurturing individuality, HSG explored the shift from mass-producing leaders for the status-quo to the curation of learning communities grounded on peer-to-peer learning, empowerment, and self-reflection.  


Roundtable 2, led by VDE Renewables alongside a prolific line up of panellists, focused on Energy and Storage. With a key focus of awareness into the current market situation, the state of technological progress and existing challenges and barriers, we witnessed a panel of experts ideate on the potentials for the future. The discussion team produced a whitepaper overnight at THE HUS in Vaduz, which has been presented to the Liechtenstein Prime Minister, Daniel Risch.


Lunch was served up by Collectively, an innovative, first-to-market platform driving sustainable food & beverages products for the good of the planet. The forum attendees gained insight into industry bending protein alternatives that reduce animal protein consumption and where science and innovation are in a love match with food, conscious consumption fully aligns with the values of the forum.


In between roundtables, the attendees were broken up into 4 groups where they switched between the 4 experiences topics that inspired dialogue through interaction, with the goal of mindset shift and collaboration through communication.


The Art & Music Experience presented a unique way of experiencing human communication and interaction, involving an interactive live art performance by artist, Janus Hochgesand. With a focus to nurture new creation and creativity, it focused on of inspiring change through cultural appreciation. “The ability for culture to free us from restrictive thought patterns can be a powerful tool in System Change.”


The Sport and Entertainment experience focused on the role of sport as a “bridge builder” for system change. The discussion explored how sports can be used as a tool to promote social cohesion, inclusivity, and cross-cultural understanding. Additionally, the panel examined the role of international sporting organizations in fostering positive change through sport.


The Mind and Society experience communicated that to aid the climate crisis, first a change of mindset is required. “To unlearn what we have learned, we need to establish different neuronal connections and practice them.” Vlinder, a carbon investment company, launched the “Carbon Franc” investment app and currency which explores how we can attract capital to grow carbon offsetting. “Carbon will be one of our future means of payment, carbon is the new gold.”


The Space Exploration experience led Mission Earth First created dialogue about discovering what kind of system changes are needed if we are to develop towards self-sustaining communities on earth and prepare for future communities on the Moon or Mars. They dived into how education can contribute to these changes that might take several generations and what is needed to achieve this.


The forum’s special guest was UNDP’s Frankie the dino, brought back to share the message of #DontChooseExtinction. The powerful message that this campaign shares is to encourage mankind to phase out fossil fuel subsidies and transition to a decarbonised economy. Frankie met with the Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister on Monday 16th to talk through this cause and learn more about Liechtenstein’s role is tackling the climate crisis.


“No collaboration without communication” the theme for the World Systemic Forum 2023, brought forward the core pillars of The System Change Foundation and set the tone for its 2023 agenda. Arts & Music, Sports & Entertainment, Innovation & Education and Society & Policy are the focal Program categories for Inspiring System Change in 2023 and these pillars were brought to life at the forum and will be explored within its calendar in 2023. “We are now working towards communicating the big, intangible ideas that come out of THE’s network of Transformers and our 2023 theme enforces the belief that through communication, we can foster collaboration and inspire others to do the same.”


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-Jessica Simpson, Communications


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