World Systemic Forum

WSF 2020, Flums, Switzerland.

Hosted by: THE


Next event: 3rd Annual World Systemic Forum, 14th January 2023


The World Systemic Forum brings big topics to the table in an environment which celebrates holistic thinking and integrity. The World Systemic Forum hosts thought-provoking discussions, which together with imaginative thinking, provide possible solutions to systemic issues.


The World Systemic Forum builds bridges to foster collaboration for universal issues, such as climate change, free of national agendas.


Hosted within THE HUS.mountain in Flums, Switzerland, with panels led by some of the most influential thinkers and Transformers of our day, The World Systemic Forum is the annual gathering on The System Change Foundation’s annual calendar.


Created and hosted by the Transformers of THE, this forum precedes the World Economic Forum in Davos.