WSF 2024 Earth & Space Mission Overview


The Arch Mission Foundation is building an “Earth Backup” — Like the Global Seed Vault but for knowledge. "The Overview Effect" mentioned by Dr. Daniel Risch, Prime Minister of Liechtenstein in his 2024 agenda, will be the key topic for Nova Spivack as he leads the public launch of The Global Knowledge Vault, an extension of the Billion Year Archive Project, their first permanent archive location on Earth.

  • Change is inevitable – including the fact that civilizations end
  • But we can plant the seeds of what comes next by starting now
  • The challenge is to get people to think more long-term
  • Founded one of the first Internet companies
  • Founded many other tech ventures
  • 7 missions to space
  • Created longest longest-lasting record of human civilization in our solar system
  • — a new AI company; AI for professionals
  • The Arch Mission Foundation – backing up planet Earth
  • Launch the Global Knowledge Vault into a major global initiative 


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