Welcome to the WSF 2024


The System Change Foundation would like to take this opportunity to both welcome and thank all World Systemic Forum 2024 guests for joining us for this year’s forum. 

Building upon the momentum of the 2023 #NoCollaborationWithoutCommunication campaign, the 2024 World Systemic Forum theme, Every Change is a Challenge, acknowledges the difficulty in changing global systems but sets the stage to inspire a like-minded community and support them in scaling future-focused innovative ideas. To build future-proof systems, we have to learn from the past.

The format of each forum differs from year to year. This January, The System Change Foundation hosts a 2-day event series that begins with a pre-forum closed event, The System Change Assembly, and finishes with the World Systemic Forum on January 13th.

“We believe that scaling System Change can only work through Collaboration.
We offer the Space and gather the expertise to exchange new prospects for Systemic Change. We give the same Voice to potential as we do substance. We connect the dots.
We Connect the right people to think, collaborate, and act towards System Change. Our main objective is to Inspire pioneers to take new directions and initiate new projects.”

The World Systemic Forum, created by non-traditional entrepreneur and visionary Rudolf Hilti, is the annual event of The System Change Foundation. The forum was founded on the premise, not on what needs to change, but on what can be different. The founding principle is to not focus on fixing the global systems that are systemically faulty but to re-imagine new ones that disallow fault at all. The important question is how can we learn from the past for a place in the future? 

Our founder, Rudi’s vision for 2024:

“Our vision is to foster a planetary perspective driven by purpose and curiosity, acknowledging that shifting perspectives alone are insufficient to create lasting systemic change. To bridge the gap between knowledge and action, we explore sustainable possibilities with brilliant minds, providing them access to a supportive network. 
Change begins small but must start somewhere. As catalysts for systemic change, we recognize its thriving nature in the right circumstances. 
Our aim is to create these conditions by uniting elements that belong together, allowing the rest to emerge and having the potential to ignite impactful change. Simultaneously, we invite investors and donors to redefine success, emphasizing that how we make money is more important than how much we make.” 

The World Systemic Forum gathers some of the most respected and influential changemakers to ideate and collaborate on the potential for systemic issues. Structured as a maximum impact format, everybody who joins the community is committed to action.

Hosting an energized list of our Topic Experts, the forum exudes a format that connects and inspires holistic system change thinking. Topics include Inspired Learning, Exponential Intelligence, Blended Finance, Nature Capital, New Culture Contexts, Space Exploration, Spirituality and Leadership, and Female Wealth Owners. 

Together, we look forward to creating impact through partnerships, strong alliances and a shared vision.


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