WSF 2024 – Nature Capital Topic Overview


"Nature Capital will explore the current state of carbon markets, mitigation, carbon classification, and potentials for addressing Climate Change."

Topic Leaders:



“Climate change has been due to our systematic lack of accounting for and managing the externalities of emissions. Trying to put in place mechanisms to cost and price these externalities after centuries of taking them for granted as free requires changes to almost all facets of the way our world works, resulting in stakeholders across the board being held accountable and required to change.”

“Closing the protection gap in Africa by bringing affordable, mobile-based, risk protection products to market across the continent.”

“Setting up CarbonPool as a fully FINMA-regulated insurer to cover risks in the net zero transition, including covering the shortfalls in emission removals, as well as all unintended and accidental excess emissions by paying out in high-quality carbon removals.”

“That the regulators and the private sector speed up the path to adopting the systemic changes needed to cost and price our emissions, and help us reach net zero asap.”


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