"We will be discussing the topic of blended finance. The first 90-minute session will be a “why, what, who, and how” of blended finance, also linking to other developments in other sustainable finance activities. The second 90-minute session will split the participants into four groups, who will discuss possible ways to scale up blended finance."

Topic Leaders:



Robert W.
van Zwieten


“For years, if not decades, we have known ‘on paper’ that blended finance is one of the key solutions needed to address societal challenges, such as SDGs and climate change. However, despite all the attention to sustainable finance and impact investing, in practice, it has been difficult to develop a vibrant ecosystem that facilitates large-scale blended financing. In our view, achieving this change is a substantial challenge, but one that can be overcome: by systematically analyzing the barriers and constraints, and developing approaches to address them, this is a challenge we are glad to take on. “

“Route17 is wrapping up a number of 2023 projects – in particular: the organization of a blended finance symposium in London with Dimensional Fund Advisors, a project on mobilizing private capital for climate-vulnerable countries, and a study on climate investment risk and fiduciary duty for the World Bank – and is getting ready for a number of projects on the agenda for 2024 – in particular: the development of a blended finance fund for a large investment bank, the development of a blended finance strategy for a European pension fund and the development of a ‘theory of change’ for a European ministry of foreign affairs with a view to mobilizing private capital for developing country climate projects. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of establishing an academic center on blended finance.”

“Our vision is a world where we have the financial architecture needed to fund solutions to our most pressing problems from a combination of private, public, and philanthropic sources. Our core values are:
“Substantive work with like-minded people to achieve meaningful outcomes”. Therefore, our hope for 2024 is to find more like-minded people to collaborate with and to make substantial steps towards developing this financial architecture!”

“Robert and Harald both have lengthy careers spanning the worlds of corporate law, corporate strategy, corporate finance, development finance, and sustainable finance and have achieved substantial success in their various positions, mostly in very large corporations and organizations. However, they have now teamed up in a 2-man advisory firm to build on these previous successes and leverage their complementary skills and networks to build ‘unconventional partnerships’ in order to accelerate the growth of the blended finance marketplace. “

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