WSF 2024 – Inspired Learning Topic Overview


"Children's innate authenticity, curiosity, and imagination hold the potential to address global challenges, yet their voices are often neglected. That's why we aim to invite everyone who wants to join forces towards a mission of empowering kids to shape a better future by providing perpetual funding and non-financial resources."

We Share Forward

Topic Leaders:


We Share Forward

de Jager

We Share Forward


JA Europe

“The current learning systems do not fully develop people’s learning potential, and new initiatives have limited global impact as they tend to operate in isolation. Changing education and new learning systems bring significant challenges; yet we believe that if done properly, they can truly empower children to become problem solvers and help address global challenges from the roots.”We Share Forward


“Emerging trends related to AI are changing content, delivery methods, and teaching practices in the education system. These changes pose numerous challenges for educators who require assistance in updating their skill sets, as children are learning at a rapid pace and quickly adapting to technology. While this presents a great challenge, it also presents a great opportunity to change the education landscape so we can equip European youth with the skills they need to succeed. Governments need to understand how they can leverage the benefits of this technology and invest in the upskilling of their people.” – JA Europe

“Deployment of the We Share Revolving Funding (a Pay it Forward revolving funding model) throughout Europe and the globe, through co-funding alliances with global leaders in the philanthropy and impact investing scene as well as purpose-driven family offices.”We Share Forward


“Gen-E 2024 and AI and deep tech” – JA Europe

Launch an Alliance that aims to actively elevate children’s voice and doting them with ownership of co-created solutions for the future.” – We Share Forward

Leveraging partnerships with other interested donors to launch a significant pledge for investing in AI for young children, particularly ones from disadvantaged backgrounds. ” – JA Europe


  • Successfully led the creation of 4 co-funding and knowledge-sharing alliances with more than 20 world-leading institutions such as Junior Achievements Europe, Bayer Foundation, Schneider Electric Foundation and others
  • Multiplied the financial and non-financial resources to fuel early-stage changemakers in education, healthcare, and food/regenerative agriculture by deploying revolving funding.



  • Salvatore Nigro dedicates his energy and passion to preparing new generations to thrive in a global economy and a digital world. 
  • In 2020, Salvatore was appointed CEO of JA Europe, the largest and leading organization in Europe dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed. JA has been delivering hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy since 1919.  
  • Previously, Salvatore held the role of Global Vice-President and CEO of Europe at Education for Employment, the leading organization for youth employment in the Middle East and North Africa. He led the business development program in nine countries, as well as partnerships and program management with governments and multinational organizations. 
  • He formerly was the Director of International Partnerships at The Glocal Forum, negotiating relationships with the World Bank, FAO, and WFP. He also collaborated, together with Quincy Jones, in the organization of the “We Are the Future” concert, the largest fundraiser for youth and children in conflict areas. Salvatore started his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy.  
  • He graduated from Luiss Guido Carli University with a Master of International Political Science, where he also obtained a Master of International Strategic and Military Studies. In addition, Salvatore earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Malta. He speaks four languages fluently. 


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