WSF 2024 – New Culture Contexts Topic Overview


"We need to learn to harness Creativity to change how people interact with the World, themselves and others around them."

Topic Leaders:




Including Society


Bridges for Music


7Hills Skatepark


AmaTea Youth Theatre


“Skateboarding is relatively a new practice in Jordan, and spreading it does not come easy. It involves daily challenges, from securing funding to working in public spaces and breaking gender barriers (among many other societal barriers)”


“I work with young people in Ukraine and one of the most important issues is to support them through all the challenges they have. I am speaking both of becoming an adult and living in a war context. On the one hand, I support them in how not to lose their identity; on the other hand, to become a person with open and critical mind who is able to resist hybrid war. So that we work together to make our community and the world a better place to grow and live.”


“As Bridges for Music started operating in South Africa 10 years ago there was incredible resistance from local stakeholders in the music and entertainment industry to work with local communities and use the power of their companies, festivals, and brands to drive diversity and inclusion.”


“Currently, my focus is on activating our makerspace Alraseef 153. This involves seeking funds and developing workshops and programs tailored to address the challenges and needs of the community of downtown Amman and beyond. The aim is to create a dynamic and inclusive space that not only fosters creativity but also directly contributes to addressing the unique concerns and aspirations of our community.”


“- Scaling our impact to new communities by growing our donor base and tapping into new models such as impact investment
– Building a new school in South Africa
– Growing our structure for scale “


“My hope is to see a meaningful change in how creativity is recognized for its impact on social change. Specifically, I aspire to a shift where the importance of creativity is understood without the constant need for justification. Envisioning a future where creative expressions like skateboarding and art are inherently valued within the broader concept of system change is a key goal.”


“More understanding that in the current world of crises we all need both critical minds and creativity to find solutions in complex situations. “


“We are working towards reshaping how the entertainment industry operates in Africa, building a sustainable legacy through music, and implementing social responsibility across key stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to ensure that whilst the music and entertainment industry develops across the continent its done sustainably, uplifting local talent on a grassroots level.”


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