WSF 2024 – Accessibility of Data Topic Overview


"The key focus of this Topic - the Global Emissions Database. An investigation into the importance of data, communication, and storytelling to overcome the crises of the 21st century. The idea is to find a new way of increasing transparency regarding scope 2 and 3 emissions."

Topic Leaders:


We Don't Have Time

“The climate crisis is an immense and immensely important challenge – and navigating it will require fundamental changes to society, human behavior, thinking, and the economy. The negative consequences of not changing to adapt to the climate crisis are unfathomable. It is the mother of challenges – and thus the mother of changes – of this era.”

“The Global Emissions Database, We Don’t Have Time’s Business offer, a novel on the radical uncertainty of our future lives”

“Managing the We Don’t Have Time’s COP broadcasts and developing the company as its COO.”

“Hard commitments and timelines from governments to phase out fossil fuels and exponential growth of businesses developing clean alternatives and reducing emissions.”


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